Have you found that a COVID19 is interrupting your child’s routine, thus having a negative impact?

Several studies indicate that children require routine for consistency and security in the home, as well as setting them up with good habits for life.

Dani Kaufman, Staff Psychologist, Melbourne Child Psychology Services

Since children thrive with structure, it’s imperative that parents get them accustomed to routines. Whether kids are waking up in the morning before school, settling down for mealtime, going outside to play or getting ready for bed, they need routines to establish good habits.

Kids don’t have a lot of control in their lives, but routines can give them a sense of organization, stability, and comfort. That, in turn, should help develop better behavior and a sense of personal control, especially in young kids. Routines not only have emotional benefits but health benefits as well.

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Lack of routines can have a huge impact on kids! We loved this graphic and the solutions to address routine changes. Created by @UMHBOT occupational therapy students. Therefore, we thought we should share it with you. Enjoy!